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They were either smuggled out of the country or officially sanctioned; the versions vary depending on the source.What’s certain is this: after blight decimated the original crop of medjool dates in Morocco, seeds were dispatched to the US in the 1920s for testing under the stewardship of botanist Walter T Swingle.

Yet, every time Yuma and Takeda hit a new romantic milestone—like, say, a first kiss—Hotaru gets jealous and forcibly one-ups the boyfriend, leaving Yuma confused on many levels.

Then add to this that Yuma has clearly never even considered her own sexual orientation—much less the idea that Hotaru could be in love with her—and it’s obvious that Hotaru has entered a minefield where a single misstep could lead to not only rejection but social exile as well.

In light of all this, Hotaru has opted to play the long game—keeping her true feelings secret while using their close friendship as a tool to get what she wants.

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