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Eddie Eddie was involved in a love triangle on the show (Eddie, Alicia, and Kam) and ended up dating Alicia after the show, even though Kam was his perfect match.

Alicia and Eddie broke up and he supposedly recently tried to reach out to Kam to tell her he made a mistake.

Tyler and Shannon Although they were not a match, Tyler and Shannon spent most of their time on AYTO together.

Many of the cast members believed Tyler was a player and the couple wouldn’t last after the show.

She also still keeps in touch with many other cast members and is currently single.

They are still really good friends and Kathryn is happy.

Joey Joey and his perfect match (Shannon) never made a connection on the show.

He made a connection with Cass on AYTO, but they are just friends now.

They are officially dating now and have been for a while.

Hannah Hannah did not connect with her perfect match (Tyler), but she and another cast member who she had a connection with (Ozzy) tried dating after the show. They both posted on social media about what happened, but no one is quite sure what exactly went down.

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