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With the cards stacked heavily against anyone who has hope for a career in publishing, Devorah single-handedly transcended the obstacles that discourage and destroy many careers.In the past decade, numerous publications and editors have tried to make a stake in the East End but had to close their doors.“Never in a million years did I think I would be in front of a camera in a bathing suit again!” exclaimed Brinkley in between snapping selfies with adoring fans, “Not many people think of women as sexy over a certain age, so when Devorah asked me to get into a swimsuit I was like, “Wait a minute,” but it was the best experience and I felt so empowered and it empowers other women too. It's been wonderful and I love these images [photographs from July 2017 issue]. She puts together amazing creative concepts and material and then brings together the artists and lets them do their thing. I truly thank Devorah for this exciting and unexpected experience.”While huddled in a corner of the VIP tent, Devorah and I compared notes about the female experience in a male-dominated industry.Devorah is the kind of woman that makes you feel like your best self because she wants you to be your best self.

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It is no secret that print media is dying a slow and painful death.

However, her most endearing qualities are her business savvy and her penchant for genuinely connecting with anyone she crosses paths with.

Truly a self-made woman, Devorah has evolved from a wide-eyed Boston-by-way-of-Venezuela transplant to a thriving Manhattan entrepreneur with an energy that is as welcoming as it is magnetic.

The reason Devorah was thriving in one of the most competitive and cut throat industries in the Western world was because she had a purpose.

She is among the few who genuinely love and celebrate women in general and are excited to empower our species at every possible opportunity she has.

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