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“You .”“I don’t care if you sing it but starting in two weeks time, you are banned from any DEO related cases and your badge won’t even work for the coffee maker. ”His eyes began to turn Martian red and she knew there was no point in arguing. She stormed out of his office and directly into her sister. ” Alex threw a hand in her direction instead of answering, needing to find something to hit within the next thirty seconds. Your alien sister set off every fire alarm in school with her heat vision cancelling classes for the week? If two things in this world didn’t go together it was vacation and Alex Danvers.“You know she's going to get out of it, right? Across town, Maggie Sawyer was standing in the changing room of a bridal shop, strapped into a high slit purple dress that had a drop waist, and quite frankly made her look like a Greek harlot.J’onn leaned on the edge of his door and watched his mostly-daughter figure stomp her feet like a teenager through the echoing hallways. “Two words-mandated vacation.” She understood the huffing now. The attendant clasped the last hook and zipped it tight.However, a spokesman for the Abbey has confirmed that their marriage could take place there thanks to a recent ruling by the Church of England.While the Prince might be welcome to hold his nuptials at the Abbey, he could also follow in his father's footsteps.However, while the average couple are said to be in a relationship for 4.9 years before getting married, the prince and the actress have reportedly only been together for 18 months having met in the summer of 2016.As for the day of the week, it's estimated that 46% of couples are now opting for non-Saturday weddings.Get ready for adorable hi-jinks, awkward family gatherings, and swoon worthy fluff.

One royal expert believes a civil ceremony followed by a church blessing could be a likely option.

And while cost-saving is probably not a factor for the royals, history suggests they aren't tied to a weekend wedding.

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married on a Friday, allowing the nation to enjoy a long-weekend to celebrate.

", she really had been on the receiving end of his stern, cross armed expression a good many times"Look, J'onn I just need to finish up these reports and begin the new weapons testing and then assign a team to-"That is why J’onn was pulling rank on the agent, forcing her to at least sit at her own home for a week. ”Kara actually pondered it for a second before realizing Alex could break out of it in an hour and then would kill them both.

“No, the only thing you just need to do is bulk watch a Net-hits show or something,” he argued.“Netflix, J’onn.” She put her fingers on the bridge of her nose. “I’ll think of something,” she said, patting his shoulder.

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