Validating spanish vat numbers

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Q23 - Is there a database with all VAT registered persons available? Depending on the national rules on data protection, some Member States will also provide the name and address linked to the given VAT number as they are recorded in the national databases.Q24 - Where can I obtain more information about the EU VAT fiscal administration? When you need to verify the VAT number of your customer in another Member State through VIES on-the-web, this request will be sent, through a secure connection, to the relevant national database to check if the given number is recorded there. Suppliers of electronic services, such as anti-virus updates are obliged to charge VAT on the service.Should you find out that your business’ data are incorrect or not up to date, you should contact your own tax administration and ask for it to be corrected.

The Commission´s web site is a real-time system which checks the validity of VAT identification numbers against the databases maintained by Member States.Q4 - Information available on VIES on-the-web is not correct; how to correct it?Q5 - Can I make batch requests via VIES on the Web? Q7 - The system indicates that a number is invalid. Q8 - Do I need to have a valid VAT identification number for my customer before I make an intra-EU supply of goods or services?Q13 - What do I have to do if the VAT number of my customer appears as invalid?Q14 - What do I have to do if the web site doesn't run?

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