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Inerrancy does mean it is incorrect to claim the Bible is only “reasonably accurate,” as some do.2 That would leave us uncertain as to where we could trust God’s Word.

Is it true, as John Goldingay stated, that this view of inerrancy “is not directly asserted by Christ or within Scripture itself”? The Old Testament writers saw their message as God-breathed and therefore utterly reliable.

The word is found in , and the Greek is theopneustos.

The term is an attempt to translate a word that occurs only once in the New Testament, and it’s not the best translation, even though William Tyndale introduced it back in 1526.

The Bible has one Author and many (around 40) writers.

With these two acts of God—breathing out His Word and carrying the writers along by the Spirit—we can come to a definition of inspiration: The Holy Spirit moved men to write.

Second, some believe the writer was merely a mechanical dictation machine, writing out the words he heard from God.

Both errors fail to adequately account for the active role played by the Holy Spirit and the human writer.

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