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However, for those who immediately bit the bullet and upgraded with a full license, it hasn’t been all roses.

It doesn’t upgrade your existing Aperture 2 library, so you need to test it on newly imported images.

The beach ball of death comes on full force, and in turn makes the Mac unusable. At best you can restart and avoid the upgrade until there’s a fix to the issue — at worst, you may lose library data.

Apple Support has recommended trying the Aperture Library First Aid.

After all, your image library probably represents years of accumulated pictures that would be difficult to replace if they ever became corrupt.

You should consider using both Repair Permissions and Repair Database whenever you need to run the Aperture Library First Aid utility.

These processes have not proven to fix the issue, but are at least worth attempting.

116 responses (at the time of this write-up) may not be a lot, relatively speaking, but clearly represents an issue to be aware of.

If you’re new to Aperture in version 3, you may carry on with your day — but if you’re moving from version 2 to the 3, you should probably read on.

, make sure you’ve got at least one backup of your Aperture library.

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