Updating of old row is not allowed in trigger

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When using these options you need to keep a few things in mind.The BEFORE option does not allow you to modify tables, that is why input validation is a practical use.For example, the following trigger cancels person node deletion if there are any open auctions referenced by this person: To understand how trigger behavior works, you need to be aware of the two main types of triggers; these are Row and Statement level triggers.The distinction between the two is how many times the code within the trigger is executed, and at what time.After triggers can write data into tables and unlike some SQLite only supports row-level triggers, not statement-level triggers.Updateable views, which are not supported in SQLite, can be emulated with INSTEAD OF triggers.Suppose you have a trigger that is called on an INSERT to a certain table.If your trigger is using the BEFORE option, the code within the trigger will be executed before the INSERT into the table occurs.

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Row level triggers would execute once for each row that is affected by the UPDATE.

A trigger in Sedna is set on any nodes of an XML document stored in database.

When these nodes are updated, the trigger automatically executes XQuery queries and updates specified in its body.

If there are more triggers for same operation on table then firing order is determined by trigger creation data.

Since version 9.7 IBM DB2 supports autonomous transactions.

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