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January 16, 2017 One of the most common questions people ask me is “What’s the future for IBM i?” I think I’ve gotten that question 20 or more times since the start of the year--via e-mail, Linked In messages, customer briefings, Twitter direct messages--and as I write this, I have only been at work for eight days in 2017. Most of the time, the form or tone of the question is really hinting that the person who is asking it wants to hear me confirm that there is a future for IBM i. I feel like almost every interaction I have with clients contains this message, nevertheless, I interact with many, many clients and people naturally want to hear it straight from “someone in charge.” And sometimes, when I point them to what I’ve already written, they express concern that the material is not current.01 PGM 02 DCL VAR(&LOOP) TYPE(*LGL) VALUE('1') 03 DCL VAR(&KEYFIELD) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) 04 DCLF FILE(FILE1) 05 CHGVAR VAR(&KEYFIELD) VALUE('Value') 06 OVRDBF FILE(FILE1) POSITION(*KEYAE 2 *N &KEYFIELD) OVRSCOPE(*CALLLVL) 07 DOWHILE COND(&LOOP) 08 RCVF 09 MONMSG MSGID(CPF0864 CPF4137) EXEC(LEAVE) 10 ENDDO 11 ENDPGM 01 PGM 02 DCL VAR(&DATA_STRCT) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(13) 03 DCL VAR(&SUBFLD1) TYPE(*CHAR) STG(*DEFINED) LEN(10) DEFVAR(&DATA_STRCT 1) 04 DCL VAR(&SUBFLD2) TYPE(*DEC) STG(*DEFINED) LEN(5 0) DEFVAR(&DATA_STRCT 11) 05 DCLF FILE(FILE3) 06 CHGVAR VAR(&SUBFLD1) VALUE('VALUE') 07 CHGVAR VAR(&SUBFLD2) VALUE(2) 08 OVRDBF FILE(FILE3) POSITION(*KEYAE 2 *N &DATA_STRCT) OVRSCOPE(*CALLLVL) 09 RCVF 10 ENDPGM Lines 2 – 4: If my two key fields were alphanumeric it would be easy to just concatenate them into one variable and use that as the key field.But I deliberately made this difficult for myself by having a mixed data type key.So, it’s a new year, and it’s time to refresh the message.So, to do that, I will try to answer two representative questions.Loosely translated, what current users, jobseekers, and organizations want to know is whether a platform that was introduced in 1988 is still relevant today. Both the hardware and the software have gone through many upgrades, revisions, and name changes over the years.

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Any time you need reassurance, come back and read this again. It’s seen in job titles and professional associations and certifications.It’s been woven into the content we consume online and the products that we use every day. ” is a common question heard throughout the user community. It was an integrated system featuring hardware (AS/400) and an operating system (OS/400), along with many core functions such as an integrated database.Every two to three years, they release new versions of the hardware and software that feature quantum leaps forward in processing power and functionality.There are over 100,000 companies that use AS/400 technology as it exists within IBM i to power their most mission-critical application.

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