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That site allows anyone to contribute, and the community has grown certain stock stories that are warped and changed over time.

The story that became so powerful it allegedly led children to kill each other was born from the kind of collective storytelling that is at once ancient – akin to the oral tradition of stories told around the campfire of an evening – and modern, enabled by the globalised communities of the internet.

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Candle Cove This urban legend tears apart and destroys every childhood TV adventure you have ever seen.

Introduced by the host as “a successful photographer who got his start when his father found him in the darkroom at the age of 13, fully developed,” Alcala cooed from behind the partition: “We’re gonna have a great time together, Cheryl.” Alcala won Bradshaw over with pick-up lines like “Nighttime’s the best time…when things really get going,” and “I’m called ‘The Banana’ and I look really good…

Peel me.” Despite giving him the win, Bradshaw never ended up going on the date with Alcala, turning him down after filming because she thought he was “creepy.” Years later, Bradshaw found out how right she was… The man she chose was actually a murderer in the midst of an almost decade long spree, and she played a part in the creation of his serial killer moniker: “The Dating Game Killer.” Despite being his morbid calling card, winning THE DATING GAME wasn’t the first and only time Rodney Alcala got lucky; his history of slipping through the cracks of the legal system kept him cruising the streets for years before police put him away for good.

The character of Slender Man – a tall, supernatural character with spindly arms, no face and dressed in a dark suit – was born on the Something Awful forums.

But it became a widespread phenomenon through “creepypasta”: stories written and read by internet users and spread on Wiki pages and through Reddit.

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