Tamera mowry dating adam housley

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But you have to move on and that’s basically what happened.There were some changes, you know, and I’m happy about those changes. There are so many things that I’m doing [Her ABC Family movie ‘The Mistle-Tones’ will air this winter].Why did you choose that route and do you have any advice for your fans who are trying to follow in your footsteps in that regard?TAMERA: Adam and I took a break from dating for about a year.

When you automatically assume the best, you won’t be as hurt, you’ll say “Maybe she’s going through something because I know my sister loves me.” EBONY: Tia, you’ve been so diplomatic when talking about what happened with your role on the popular show, ‘The Game,’ and why you’re no longer a part of that show after 5 seasons of being its star.

he highest-rated show in The Style Network’s history.

Now in its second season, the series follows new mom and book author Tia and newly-wed Tamera, who’s expecting her first child in October, as the two balance family and their acting careers. I know you’ve had a chance to watch Tia go through her pregnancy with [her son] Cree, so you’ve been able to know what to expect.

That’s my way of seeing him and I love that and I can’t wait to meet him. When you don’t have a child and you’re a hard worker who’s always on the go, you’re on a fast pace.

EBONY: Tia, you have this great new book out called “Oh, Baby! But when you have a child you have to learn how to slow down and just be patient. I really, enjoy just going to the park and spending an hour with him at the park now.

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