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In the capital, the singles, ranging from late teens to late middle age, are guided straight to the platform bar where, to get the lonely-hearts in the mood, party music blares and sparkling wine fizzes from bottles.

Standing in nervous circles, clutching plastic cups and looking potential partners up and down, the party-goers listen as the Deutsche Bahn moderator runs through the evening's rules.

I'm surprised at the low score this short is getting on IMDb, because this short deserves better.

In a different present-day world, single people have started to die.

"If you decide you like someone, you write their name down on the 'flirt-list' and you get their contact details next Friday," the moderator explains. "You'll need all the time you can get for flirting!

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Each encounter is brief: three minutes to chat and size each other up.And the site, de/augenblicke, is still going strong.On the ride from Potsdamer Platz, the train trip itself is not the end of the line as flirting continues at a bar in Berlin's trendy Hackescher Markt where, it seems, Cupid's quiver was not completely full.A man - who gave his age as "late 20s" but no name - also found the evening "really cool." "I wouldn't say I met anyone incredible but it was fun," he said, after putting three names on his flirt-list.Unfortunately, the love bug did not strike everyone.

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