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I couldn’t bear to stay in the place we shared all of our memories, so I decided to leave. I chose to go Australia to be close to the ocean; the water has always had a way of making my problems feel smaller.

One day, the elevator was broken where I was staying, so I went through a door with a picture on it of a person walking up stairs.

The picture on the left is our first night out a couple weeks ago.

Now I find I am the one who looks at her and says “Nothing can happen to you, I can’t lose you.” Een foto die door thewaywemet is geplaatst op “We met at my sister’s wedding; he was one of the videographers.

My family moved away when I was 8, and while our parents always stayed close, him and I lost touch through moves, school changes, and marriages.

We reconnected when I started following him on Instagram 20 years after we first met.

” I was just a little embarrassed, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise!

I spent weeks barely eating or getting out of bed because I had lost my self esteem.

When I got inside, I only saw a fire escape door and a locked boiler room door.

I tried to go back through the door I came in and it was locked!

Happily ever after the end.” Een foto die door thewaywemet is geplaatst op “I never imagined that serving coffee was how I’d find true love.

We were both working at different Starbucks when I first met him.

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