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And here Skype will begin to see a financial benefit from its partnership with Facebook.While the new video chat feature is free and is not even branded “Skype,” it will cost money to dial a regular phone from inside Facebook, just as Skype today charges a few pennies a minute for dialing outside numbers using its regular service.(aka Don't accept file transfers from strangers kids!Skype will now translate anyone’s conversation in real time, allowing people to have video chats in different languages and understand one another.The lifting of the ban could pinch Saudi Arabia’s three main telecoms operators – Saudi Telecom, Etihad Etisalat and Zain Saudi – which earn substantial revenue via international phone and text calls made by the millions of expatriates living in the kingdom.“Digital transformation is one of the key kickstarters for the Saudi economy, as it will incentivise the growth of internet-based businesses, especially in the media and entertainment industries,” a separate statement from the information ministry said.They also avoided the civil wars which largely followed; however, they face deadly bombing attacks by Islamic State and militancy by fringes of their Shia Muslim population which they say is fuelled by Iran.That means that the translations will improve as it is used more, Skype said, and the tools have already come on vastly since they were first introduced through the previews.All online voice and video call services, such as Microsoft’s Skype and Facebook’s Whats App, that satisfy regulatory requirements will become accessible at midnight local time, said Adel Abu Hameed, spokesman for the telecoms regulator CITC, on Twitter.

Skype’s translation feature uses machine learning — computers that are built to acquire knowledge like humans, so that they get smarter as time goes on.

I know, I know, "you'll get 100% (minus fees from paypal, or similar) of the money rather than only 35% (or whatever)." Well, if Paypal finds out what the hell I took money for they'll charge both of us 0 for breaking their TOS. Who knows, maybe it's just the owners of the websites fishing for models who break their contracts...

Personally it sounds like a big pain in the ass to run around finding customers, doing all the marketing & PR, dealing with payments (or NON-payments), etc. If you use Skype and it works for you, super, but please make sure you at least set Skype up correctly so you can protect your ass.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz used to rant against something he calls “representational identity”—associating people with numbers, for example, instead of their names.

Why should I have to keep track of someone’s home number, cell number, work number, Skype address, email address, IM account, Twitter name, and all the other ways they have to label themselves?

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