Shakira dating royalty

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Of the 698,512 babies born in England and Wales last year, parents chose 27,000 different boy’s names and over 35,000 different girl’s names.

The impact of Britain’s box-set obsession can also be charted in baby names registrations.

Meanwhile a revival of traditional girl’s names continues apace with Elsie, Ivy and Violet increasingly fashionable while Britney and Chardonnay have almost disappeared.

The annual table, which is viewed as a barometer of social changes as much as fashion, shows the increasing popularity of Muslim names.

Soulja Boy then signaled he had accepted the challenge, but later posted an "apology" video, revealing he had been "acting up" because his mother was hospitalized. Then came the plot twist: 50 Cent—and his wallet—got involved."Call Floyd [Mayweather]," he said in a video posted on his Instagram page Wednesday, referring to boxing champion-turned-boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather, who has himself playfully feuded with 50 Cent in the past.Soulja Boy posted a photo and a video of him with Mayweather on Twitter and Instagram, saying, "The biggest fight of the century. The money team.""We have to get the money," Mayweather said."Just got a million dollars cash. His birth pushed Prince Harry one place down the line of royal succession and now the arrival of Prince George appears to have helped knock his uncle's name off the top of the nation’s most popular baby names.Get Soulja Boy on the phone, tell that n---a I said, 'Stop apologizing,' get the Draco out. "I know they dont want this bitch n---a Chris Brown no more. Stop."Guzman wrote on her private Instagram page,"People love to twist a positive to a negative.We gotta keep this s--t going."If we ain't talking big money, we ain't talking," 50 Cent wrote. But they can watch me knock him out."Another plot twist: And then he brought kids into it."Chilled with royalty and Nia tonight at Floyds house," Soulja Boy tweeted Thursday morning, referring to Brown's ex, Nia Guzman, and their 2-year-old daughter. For ONE…idgaf about no beef between grown ass men…I have no disrespect to no one…Floyd and I are working on a project for my child and he has been sponsoring her for 3 months.

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    Her post-session e-mails are always thorough and incredibly helpful, and her thoughtful responses to my mid-week questions about difficulties practicing or even just coping with pulled muscles are priceless.

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