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In Jaehee's route, Jumin decides to embark on a cat project.

She is tasked with most of the research and is in charge of organizing the presentation.

She immediately entered the workforce after graduating from college, where she was hired by Jumin Han.

Jumin hired her because V proposed the idea of hiring Jaehee to him.

Jaehee is Jumin's Chief Secretary, her job involves auditing his schedule and also looking after his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, which tends to drive her crazy. It is hinted more than once that Jaehee likes Zen as more than a fan or a friend, although she is loath to admit it.She wears a white shirt, a dark brown to black jacket with skirt and shoes and tights.In the after-ending, her hair has grown out long and slightly curled.When Jaehee was in the 9th grade her mother got into a car accident and later passed away, leaving her to be raised by her uncle despite his wife's wishes.After graduating from high school, she got a scholarship to a top university from which she graduated a year early.

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