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Qualcomm was pleased with 2009’s effort and was looking to create an even larger, deeper, broader gag.

With this in mind, our team developed a campaign that began in the days leading up to April Fools Day with the release of two amateur videos showing men being viciously attacked by butterflies.

“Rock of Love” was a show that proved to be a huge success.

With up to 5 million viewers, it was the highest rated show in Vh1 history at the time of its airing.

Strategy: Create a gag, anchored by a soon-to-be-released Qualcomm product and a distinct character, that begins before April 1st and plays into the speculative nature of social engagement online.

Campaign Overview: While at The Viral Factory, our team was approached by Qualcomm to create an April Fools Day campaign for 2010.

To this date, Lacey stands out as one of reality tv’s most infamous villains, and was an integral part of the show’s success.This coming November 25th, Lacey will be singing several songs with Pigface, live on stage at the House of Blues in Chicago. LORDS OF ACID - Lords of Acid is another noteworthy band that asked Lacey to join them.Lacey has sung for Pigface in the past as well, including on two successful U. Lords of Acid has been critically acclaimed within the electronic and dance music scenes.Although the music and lyrics possess a dark edge, it manages to maintain a slightly mainstream sound throughout the album.When experienced live, HALO is a full band, comprised of a guitar player, bassist, drummer, and Lacey on vocals.

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