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What's more, the parallels to the Sekhmet myth provide a "good theological basis" for what otherwise might be considered bad behavior.

However, he's not so sure that the sex was a religious obligation.

Another ritual, celebrated several months later in the year and known as the "festival of the beautiful valley," called for the celebrants to get drunk on wine, laced with lotus flowers to promote sleepiness.

The lotus could also induce vomiting — which is depicted in some Egyptian wall paintings, Bryan noted.

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For example: Bryan suspects that the festival of drunkenness fell out of favor soon after Hatshepsut left from the scene.According to the myth, the bloodthirsty Sekhmet nearly destroyed all humans, but the sun god Re tricked her into drinking mass quantities of ochre-colored beer, thinking it was blood.Once Sekhmet passed out, she was transformed into a kinder, gentler goddess named Hathor, and humanity was saved.Bryan said the festival re-enactment came to its climax when the drummers woke up the celebrants."The ultimate intention of inebriation is to see and experience the deity," she said.

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