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The total resident population of the valley is estimated at around 6000.We have most of the modern conveniences you would expect in a rural community, but also two community theaters, what seems to be an unusually high proportion of wildlife biologists, many artists and musicians, and everything from community radio and local access TV to art walks, film festivals, dance spectaculars and a Trashion show. So we are driving back from the cinema west along Highway 20. The road, Highway 20, winds westwards climbing up out of Okanogan, the county seat, over the Loup Loup Pass (elev. Four hours (five in winter) and 200 miles over the Cascade Mountains northeast from Seattle, in the 60-mile-long Methow Valley in mountainous North Central Washington. The nearest cinema is in the town of Omak, WA, 40 miles from where we live, so it is a drive.Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the district’s Title IX/RCW 28A.640 compliance officer Amy Knob and/or Superintendent /Section 504/ADA Coordinator Mr.Tom Venable, Methow Valley School District, 18 Twin Lakes Rd., Winthrop, WA 98862 or phone 509-966-9205.the bit where he is watching English footy (soccer) on the widescreen TV in his lair, singing along when his team scores ‘Olay …Olay Olay Olay,’ catapulted me alone into an uncontrollable outburst of guffawing.

Having had my pleas for a sane resolution of the dispute ignored, I ruled that the machine be turned off and kept off and that that be the end of the bickering, which works … This whole shenanigans repeats a couple of times, and I put my foot down (thankfully not on the accelerator) … The calm is palpable and I can feel the relaxation of my stomach muscles and we sink into some sense of balance with the world outside. ” as a black bear scampers across the road right in front of us.

My daughter is in the passenger seat and during the silence my son, never one to sit still for too long, happens to lean forward between us, and at that very moment we all see it in the same instant, and like a scene from a screwball comedy movie, we erupt in a communal involuntary shriek, “Aaaaaaagggghhhh! It is only the second time I have seen a bear in the six years I have lived here, but they are all around.

Come September the two unfenced apple trees behind my house are surrounded by mountains of bear scat, spattered with pips and made purple by prior ingested berry pulp.

To be considered for employment with the Methow Valley School District you must use our Online Application System.

If you are a First Time Applicant, please follow the instructions below to create a new Fast Track User Profile.

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