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Tyler Eglen arrives onstage in “Sex With Strangers” as a muscle car personified.

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The irony is that the more intense their relationship grows, the deeper the chasm between them. You don’t know when or how it will fail, but you’re pretty sure it will.Director Ron May — also the founding artistic director of the “indie” troupe Stray Cat — keeps this supercharged drama about sex, art and commerce in the digital age bursting with tension, both sexual and otherwise.Harper and Eglen’s chemistry is so intense you can almost smell the pheromones, but they also create compellingly nuanced characters whose motivations aren’t always clear even to themselves.His books have only extended his fame and reputation as a coarse and insensitive player.But fate, in the form of a blizzard, has brought them together. And despite their differences, there is an almost incendiary attraction between them.

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