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Generally, the thing to do is to contact the airline, explain the situation, and ask them what to do.I recommend that your friend gets the airline's response .The airline eventually apologized to her, possibly because she tweeted the entire event and received a lot of online support.But that didn't change the fact that she missed her [email protected] L - assuming that incident occurred more than 3 years ago, since then all of the scanners in the US have been changed to a kind that only shows an anonymized body outline with images of anomalous areas detected by computer software; the operators would never even notice anything unusual today.

Even with the new scanners, operators have to input a gender into the machine, which affects what it expects.Then, after following their instructions, your friend can then bring that written response with them while traveling.That way, your friend will have something solid to refer to should anyone question them.If confronted about the mismatch, simply point out that their website doesn't provide an X gender option and therefore your booking is in fact valid.Most gate agents only check passports to verify the name and visa, so it's unlikely the mismatch would come up anyway.

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