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Country of Origin: Victims of trafficking born in the U. are domestic victims and those born outside of the U. Labor trafficking typically involves manual labor including agricultural work, hospitality work (i.e. Sex trafficking encompasses victims forced or coerced into performing commercial sex acts.

In some cases, such as massage parlors, an individual may be a victim of both labor and sex trafficking.

caseworkers may change when a child is transferred between the Youth Detention Facility and foster care).

The consistency of the Advocate is purposeful to ensure a consistent and trusted adult is available to provide support and advocacy.

Any effort to minimize their experience or shift responsibility to the child is wrong and intolerable.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) are targeted by traffickers, groomed, and exploited for the purpose of commercial sex acts.

Children as young as 9 years old have been rescued.

There are some youth who are more at risk for sex trafficking, including: Runaways Youth involved in the Foster Care System LGBTQ Youth Youth with a history of sexual or physical abuse Youth who use/abuse substances Grooming is when the trafficker gains trust before exploiting the victim.

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Human Trafficking is defined based on age of the victim, country of origin, and type of victimization: Age: Trafficking victims may be minors (up to 18 years old) or adult (18 years or older).If you suspect a child is being trafficked, contact the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction or file a report with Child Protective Services.Commercially Sexually Exploited Children are victims of sexual abuse.Some children will require intensive treatment and may be placed out of the area to ensure the appropriate level of care.The housing option chosen is based on the safety and welfare needs of the child and level of care and intervention needed.

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