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If someone displays the signs and symptoms of self-injury, a mental health professional with self-injury expertise should be consulted.

An evaluation or assessment is the first step, followed by a recommended course of treatment to prevent the self-destructive cycle from continuing. Nonsuicidal self-injury disorder: The path to diagnostic validity and final obstacles.

“So when he sat me down one day to tell me he was a sex addict, I actually laughed – although I soon stopped when he disclosed night upon night of watching pornography for hours on end and numerous short-lived affairs.

My life fell apart.” Sex addiction hurts partners in a way that no other addiction can, says Paula Hall, who has written a book on the subject.

A lot of people who cut themselves also have an eating disorder.

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When the behaviors interfere with daily living, such as employment and relationships, and are health or life-threatening, a specialized self-injury hospital program with an experienced staff is recommended. Alternatives (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) Information Line: 1-800-DONT-CUT or 1-800-366-8288 Email: [email protected] Selby, E. [2] People who self-injure commonly report they feel empty inside, over or under stimulated, unable to express their feelings, lonely, not understood by others and fearful of intimate relationships and adult responsibilities.Self-injury is their way to cope with or relieve painful or hard-to-express feelings, and is generally not a suicide attempt.If discovered, a person who self-injures may often make excuses as to how an injury happened (for instance, “I fell” or “The cat scratched me”).The diagnosis for someone who self-injures can only be determined by a licensed psychiatric professional.

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