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(a) The commission may provide by resolution for six-year staggered terms of office for commissioners with the term of one commissioner expiring every two years.(b) At the first election of commissioners after a resolution is adopted under this section, three commissioners shall be elected. Two of the commissioners shall constitute a quorum and a concurrence of two shall be sufficient in all matters relating to the business of the district. (a) If it appears at the hearing that the proposed improvements are feasible and practicable and would be a public benefit and utility, the commissioners court or the board shall make these findings and approve the boundaries stated in the petition, or if it does not approve the boundaries in the petition, the court or board shall define the boundaries of the district which are approved.(b) Changes may not be made in the proposed boundaries until notice is given and a hearing held in the manner provided in this subchapter.(c) If the commissioners court or board finds that the proposed improvement is not feasible or practicable, or that it would not be a public benefit or public utility and that the establishment of the district is unnecessary, the court or board shall make these findings and dismiss the petition at the cost of petitioners. (a) If the commissioners court or the board approves the boundaries in the petition or as changed and decides to grant the petition, it shall determine the amount of money necessary for the improvements and all expenses connected with the improvements and whether to issue bonds for the full amount or, in the first instance, for a less amount.(b) The commissioners court or the board shall specify the amount of bonds to be issued, the maximum term for which the bonds will run, and the rate of interest.

At the same session the petition is presented, the commissioners court shall order a hearing to be held at a regular or special session of the commissioners court, not less than 60 days from the date the petition is presented. To be qualified for appointment as a commissioner, a person must be a resident of the district, a freehold property taxpayer, and a qualified elector of the county. All vacancies in the office of appointed commissioner occurring through death, resignation, or otherwise shall be filled by the remaining commissioners or, if only one commissioner remains, by the remaining commissioner and the district judge residing in the county in which a majority of the acreage of the district is located. Be it known that at an election called for the purpose in said district, held on the __________ day of __________ A. __________ a majority of the electors voting thereon voted in favor of the creation of said navigation district, and the issuance of bonds and levy of a tax. If it finds that a majority of those voting at the election voted in favor of the proposition, the court shall declare the result of the election to be in favor of the district, issuance of the bonds, and the levy of the tax, and shall enter the following declaration in its minutes:"Commissioners Court of __________ County, Texas, __________ term A. __________, in the matter of the petition of __________ and __________ and others praying for the establishment of a navigation district, and issuance of bonds and levy of taxes in said petition described and designated by the name of __________ Navigation District.

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