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“It’s always a surprise, every time you see that pain come again. Sometimes residents keep waiting for something that’s not there… REPORTER: Is it the relationship with your grandparents that helps you be so good with the elderly here?

I try to explain as honestly as I can and just comfort them.” And inevitably these are friendships that can quite suddenly come to an end, as they face the final moments of life together. “I’ve already had three people dying in their chairs at dinner,” she tells Aaron. And he lives in a unique old folks home, in the Netherlands. JORDI PRONK: I think also because they teach me so much good things, how to go around to people. Not long ago, the Dutch senior citizens who live at Humanitas, invited Jurrien and five other students to move in rent free.

It was the CEO's Gea Sijpkes’s idea to offer the students rooms at Humanitas and all she asked in return is that the students spend at least 30 hours a month acting neighbourly to the senior residents. JOKE VAN BEEK (Translation): Oh, then you were a good boy! It’s great, he came to see me and it clicked right away.

Jurrien Mentink says that Humanitas' offer couldn't have come at a better time. JURRIEN MENTINK (Translation): Students struggle to find housing in the Netherlands, especially in big cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. Jurrien is 22 years old, and his neighbours like Joke Van Beek are in their 80s and 90s. And he is very polite and he checks up on me every day to see how I’m doing because I am not so young anymore. Friendships like this one are exactly what Humanitas is trying to nurture.

“It’s a nice feeling to help them find their final moments of happiness.” See the full story at the top of the page, plus also catch up on Insight's discussion on aged care in Australia Like most of us, I'm afraid of getting old and of the loneliness that seems to come with old age. REPORTER: And you do that a lot with the residents? JURRIEN MENTINK, HUMANITAS RESIDENT (Translation): I was lucky to be one of the first students to apply, but I didn’t know that at the time. JORDI PRONK (Translation): It’s most important that we can all be ourselves and so we all interact in different ways with the residents.GEA SIJPKES, CEO HUMANITAS (Translation): I want it to be the warmest and most pleasant residence in Deventer.We can’t do this with extra personnel because everyone knows this has to be done with less funding. So then I started thinking about making a connection with education. JOKE VAN BEEK (Translation): What do you think of the student next door?“Things are a lot more fun when we're all together,” Annie says as Jurrien shows her how to use Facebook on her tablet. you consider them like your own family.” “What I see from the elderly is that they really enjoy the little things,” Jurrien explains.“Young people are so focused on their future that they don’t notice things like how beautiful this park is, they’re just racing through it on their way to work or school.” But they know that as well as making life enjoyable for the residents at Humanitas, they also have a serious role to play.

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