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A Sneed source claims Johnson has carved out some one-on-one time with Sessions, who has signaled that he’s not on board with Chicago Police reforms recommended by former President Barack Obama’s administration. “They’ve been dating ever since,” said a Daley source.

On Tuesday, he released a five-pronged police-reform road map that was intended to shut down fears that President Donald Trump’s administration would slow things down. Sneed is told Patrick Daley, the son of Richie and his late wife, Maggie, may be moving back to the hood where his first cousin, Patrick Thompson, is now the alderman of the old Daley bastion of Bridgeport. “Word is he is moving in, but it could be with the intent to flip it,” he said.

mutt) was mingling with the purebreds at a Westminster Kennel Club...

Former President Obama and wife Michelle are vacationing in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, where the former POTUS is playing golf, golf and golf.

Daley infamously ordered the overnight demolition of Meigs Field in 2003, abruptly ending a debate with state leaders about the downtown airport's future on Northerly Island, which is now a park.

Projects that failed included a bid to host the 2016 Olympics, a 1991 plan for a Lake Calumet airport and concepts for a land-based casino coupled with a family theme park and a downtown trolley circulator project.

Valerie Jarrett has played a unique role in the Obama administration.

She was both a senior advisor to the president throughout his eight-year administration — it is extremely rare for White House staffers to stay for the duration — and a close friend of...

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