Outlook 2016 cached mode not updating shared mailbox

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Schedule Outlook backup or back up PST files manually. She also created video training CDs and online training classes for Microsoft Outlook.You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and Tech Net forums.I rebooted the machine until it picked up the correct time, set it ot “work offline” mode, and dis the dame thing to the other Outlook 2016 client that had caught the disease. So I think the root cause was the wrong server clock, which caused the client’s clocks to be wrong, which caused Exchange to reject part of the automatic client login (but, strangely enough, not the whole thing).I don’t know why toggling “work offline” fixes thing, but it appears to.During all this time, Outlook continues to indicate that it is connected to the Exchange server and to download messages, but it will not automatically download messages from POP3 servers that are also configured. I started capturing, clicked OK in the pop-up window to send the stored password several times, and then turned off capturing.Clicking on Send/Receive All Folders does do that, however. Entering the user name and password results in another pop-up. When I looked at the log with a filter for the client IP address, there were a few UDP multicast and broadcast packets dropped, but no other packets were dropped.Clicking on Send/Receive All Folders does do that, however. A day later, it happened to another client running a different version of Office on a different OS. Although the onset seems unpredictable, this is not an intermittant problem. Entering domain credentials into the pop-up, as opposed to Exchange server mailbox credentials. Turning off all Norton firewall, AV, and spam blocking. Setting the Outlook clients to “Work Offline” in all three cases produces the expected result: the pop-up windows stop.Once it occurs on a client, it continues repeatedly on that client. However, putting two of the clients back in to normal, connected, mode has caused the pop-ups to stop for more than an hour.

My network connections appear to be stable and fast (50Mb/s over wired Ethernet, 20 Mb/s over Wi Fi.). In this advisory: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Outlook-2016-keeps-asking-for-username-and-password-776ef5b8-658c-4742-81bf-73bb596b17f7 Microsoft says that they’ve found and fixed a bug that causes the problem I’m seeing. I didn’t think it was a likely fix, since it seemed to assume that the credential corruption that would be handled by it was random, where it appears that something is affecting multiple Outlook clients. This isn’t one that I found on the web, but I did notice that the local network time was wrong by a few minutes. I thought there could have been a DNS or DHCP problem. It’s going to be a little hard to troubleshoot this with only one client showing the problem… After 12 hours, it had not reappeared, nor had it reappeared on the other Outlook 2016 client.

Everyone who uses the Delete key to file their mail can now use the Backspace key to file and Delete to delete the junk they don't need to keep.

Using it is simple: select a message, click the Archive button to move the message to the designated folder.

Closing the window or hitting cancel results in another pop-up.

The only way to continue working is to leave the pop-up open and click on another window, giving it the focus. I set the Sonic WALL packet monitoring for all packets.

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