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Most of these books are available in Audiobook, so don’t worry non-readers.Next in my pre-dating/dating reading list is by Stan Tatkin Dr.So a few suggestions:by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg A comedian and sociologist team up to talk about dating, why it sucks and why it rocks, and the historical and scientific perspective on dating, relationships, and romance.My suggestion is to get the audio book, cause Aziz (Parks and Recreation, Master of None) reads it himself and he is FUNNY.Learning about yourself is the number one outcome of dating, despite us thinking the opposite.And trust me, no one has to or should do it alone- friends, dating coaches, matchmakers, therapists, family- you need help. Referencing above with Chapman’s work, I didn’t mean to imply that spirituality in dating wasn’t important in my above recommendations, in fact, it is one of THE most important things in relationships and dating.Do the exercises, keep a journal, analyze and think, write and read, discuss it with a therapist, coach, group, and friend.

I did that because these two reasons (“To get over an ex” and “To get a free meal”) I find particularly abhorrent. In our culture, we often explain that “chivalry is dead”, but part of what is killing it is entitled beliefs like the fact that it is acceptable to go out on a date with someone just for the fact that you are hungry and don’t want to pay for your own food.Having a strong SPIRITUAL (not religious) connection to a power greater than oneself is an essential component of deeply pleasure sensuality and sexuality (see my blog on Spirituality and Sexuality and Tantra Sexuality).I like this book by Harville Hendrix Hendrix and his wife write this book on their popular Imago Therapy theory and have helped millions of couples communicate and connect.Not really, but at least you’ll feel like, on some level, you know what is up! The first thing I ask my clients is “What do you want out of dating?” There are a lot reasons why people date and it is important to know why you are dating so you can target what you are looking for.

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