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But many of Hollywood’s leading men, like me, look like the sort of blokes you see every day, in real life. It’s the same in cities with glass skyscrapers as it is in tribal societies that have hardly changed since the Stone Age. In the mirror they observe their faces with a new expertise, noting the downward slide of the malar fat pads, the atrophy of collagen. It’s the same all over the world, whether you’re from a poor or rich country. Sure, some male actors and celebrities are very good looking. In fact, you might almost say that most leading men are normal-looking blokes. Bryan Cranston, who plays the lead in Breaking Bad – he’s a normal. In The Evolution of Desire, David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas, says that it all comes down to the basics of sex. Women are attracted to men who will make good providers. Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Bruce Willis, Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Martin Freeman, Tom Hanks, Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Brendan Fraser… That, they say, is because it’s an essential part of the human condition.How did we get here and why is the situation so extreme?

Why does no one encourage women to exploit men whenever they can? The other day, a man said to me, “Look, women have money these days, they have independence, they don’t want to be judged on how they look. I don’t live in a world of being judged on my looks.Unfortunately, this rating system took a hit by what the website is calling an “ugly virus” which allowed 30,000 “ugly” people to be allowed in over a six-week period as a result of the rating module being down.It seems Beautful was alerted to the issues after tens of thousands of new members were accepted that, as Greg Hodge, managing director of the service, put it, “were no oil painting.” The issue with the rating module is being attributed to the introduction of the “Shrek Virus” into the website’s infrastructure.In other words, that’s where the money is – the normal-looking blokes have it. Forty years on, for the most part men still act, women still appear. The ideal of male agency and female beauty goes back millennia.They want to identify with the male actors, which would be more difficult if the male actors were as beautiful as the women. When, in the last century, it was challenged by feminism, it fought back. Since then, in an increasingly mediated, monetised society, the old ideal has hardened and intensified.

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