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Mehr als 250 Bürgerinnen und Bürger, bekannte und weniger bekannte, aus allen Altersgruppen und verschiedenen Kulturen traten vor Kamera und Mikrofon.

Als weiterer akustischer roter Faden dient das Gänseliesel-Lied.

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Trisha was a good friend to me and so was Jyothika and Rakshitha.

Prior to this, incorporating guitar and singing had posed a problem because I wanted to make music based on the rules, as I perceived them - inherent in the various kinds of electronic music I loved - and did not want to blend this with what I previously did with songwriting and guitar wherein many rules of pop/ rock music would then naturally be employed.

Men are usually considered to be those that should take the first step when it comes to starting a relationship.

That’s why I want to celebrate grandly.” # After few days of their separation many websites have publishe some intimate kissing photos of the couple which were taken using a camera with self-timer.

We are more like friends than father and son.” # But they were filling the gossip columns of local tabloids for months together..!!

Simbu has shown his true colors without even considering that I am a girl and have a future.

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