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Maxey's ASL interpretation is an explosive, code-switching mishmash of textbook American Sign Language, pantomime, and makeshift signs he's cobbled together for slang words native to hip-hop ("molly," for example, combines gestures for "pill" and "sex"); the way he signs is as worldly and wry and improvisational as he is.before you're completely deaf, that's severely profound hearing loss," he explains) and is now one of the most visible people in his profession, Maxey didn't learn sign language until he was 18.

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According to Maxey, this particular interpreter abbreviates too much, boiling down the sentiment "I go hard in the paint" to something more like "I'm great.""To me, 'going hard in the paint' is like, I'm driving down the lane, about to slam-dunk it," Maxey says."If it were me interpreting, I'd be like, ' He's driving,' or ' He's going into the paint.'"Maxey ran into a similar problem trying to sign through Migos's "T-Shirt." "I got to 'neck water faucet' and was like, What the fuck does that mean? Eventually, it dawned on him: "Water is like diamond.He's got so many diamonds on his neck, he's running like a faucet." next to your window at night to relax."At first he felt too deaf to be hearing and too hearing to be deaf.But now it's a huge benefit; he's able to, for example, talk to Chance, and there's no lull in the conversation.

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