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Consortium Partners: Consumer Action; National Consumer Law Center; Nations Bank (Member FDIC); and the National Urban League Editorial Committee: Ken Mc Eldowney and Linda Sherry, Consumer Action; Barbara Leyser and Margot Saunders, National Consumer Law Center; John Cleghorn, Nations Bank; Peter Williams, National Urban League.

Copyright 1998 EBT/EFT Education Consortium By Ken Lewis President, Nations Bank Electronic transfer of government benefits and funds isn't just coming. As state and federal government agencies lower their costs by shifting from paper checks to electronic delivery, tens of millions of Americans face at least some change in how they receive government funds.

However, the Treasury Department has made clear that all waiver request forms must be "self-certifying." According to Elliott, "If an individual chooses to notify the agency that they cannot use direct deposit, the agency will supply a simple orm that the recipient can drop in the mail.

They will be granted a waiver based on their request-we are not going to go out and verify it.

In many regions of the country, electronic benefit transfer (EBT) programs are underway.

Pay to the Penny: Employer must allow employees access to their full pay, without fees, at least once per pay period.

In this publication, our first effort, you will find the latest news from the U. Department of Treasury's EFT rule-making process, reports about current state EBT programs, information about direct deposit and low-cost bank account options and other news.

The organizations that make up the EBT/EFT Education Consortium are: Nations Bank firmly believes that for electronic benefits and funds transfer programs to work effectively, all parties involved must understand the implications of how these programs are implemented.

An overview of current paycard legislation, state-by-state.

Click on your state to read about its paycard laws and our suggestions for achieving 100% direct deposit in compliance with state legislation.

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