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The car is sold, "as is," and must be labeled that way on the sales sticker.Private sellers are also under no obligation to provide a warranty for a used vehicle.You can consult with a Mississippi lemon law attorney if you would like legal assistance regarding a possible lemon law matter.You can also find more resources and information on this topic by visiting Find Law's section on Lemon Laws.Basically, the law ensures an arbitration process in the case of an ongoing complaint about a new vehicle that does not conform to the warranty, even with multiple repair attempts.

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When this happens, you should look for a lemon law attorney to help you resolve your issue.

Fortunately, the Magnolia State has legal protections for new car buyers if the car has a habitual problem no dealer or a repair shop can seem to fix.

Here is a brief overview of “lemon laws” in Mississippi.

So what if your new car is spending more time in the shop than out on the open road?

It sounds like you might have a "lemon" on your hands.

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