Is brendon urie dating ryan ross

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I remember asking our manager, ' How can they play our song if we don't want them to?' He said, ' Labels usually pay radio stations to play bands. At The Disco have had a tumultuous history when it comes to member changes.As you’re probably already aware, Brendon Urie is the last original member and has claimed the ship as his own. While it’s a question asked by many, a definitive answer has never been given.When Ross walks into a strip-mall Port of Subs with drummer Spencer Smith and singer Brendon Urie, both 19, the shop is empty except for two cold-cut slingers, neither of whom recognizes the three local celebrities clamoring to upgrade to combo meals when they hear that ROLLING STONE is picking up the tab.

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We just wanted to grow for a couple of years and really show people what we can do on the next album. For a while, we didn't even want it to be played on the radio or MTV.

That's what bands in this position usually do."Even Wentz admits that he couldn't have predicted Panic! They do absolutely the opposite of everything a label would recommend, and still thrive.

at the Disco would blow up so big they would threaten to eclipse his band. Major labels could start telling bands, ' Put on paisley suits and make your show a circus' — but it wouldn't work.

Panic want to make their first concert nothing less than mind-blowing.

On Panic's fall tour, their production was so elaborate and expensive that their manager says the only money they made off the gigs came from T-shirt sales.

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