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The death of the former Fine Gael leader, whose father WT Cosgrave led the first government of the Irish Free State, was announced in the Dail Eireann parliament.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar led expressions of sympathy and tributes.

There are thousands of variations of these, if you are not sure of a particular smilies meaning have a quick internet search. Don't give out any personal details - this includes your address, phone number, bank details, full name, passwords or work place.

This means that you should get a feel for the topic being discussed and the tone being used. If you are making a specific comment about an earlier message, include that part of the message as a quote with your response below.

** This Gay Chat Room Requires Java - Check your web-browser messages for easy install information ** HOW TO BEHAVE IN CHAT ROOMS - A GUIDECyberspace chat is a great way of connecting people with similar interests be they gay or straight.

Chat rooms come with their own etiquette, or "netiquette", which may confuse or even intimidate a novice.

Have a search on the internet to find a discussion room you like the look of.

Step #2 - Know The Rules Of Chat This site whas rules while others have a frequently asked questions page, read them carefully.

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