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Another great discovery is that unlike my GPS Master 1.2, This means when upload your GPX track files to web sites such as Run Keeper, your heart rate data will be saved and displayed, as well.Meaning that you don’t have to use the csv2gpx/csv2tcx utilities that I wrote yesterday in order get your HRM data into other platforms.kalenji-gps-watch-reader : exports a multitude of formats, including Garmin FIT.Also performs elevation corrections via Google Elevation API.I’m happy so say that my watch did not get bricked! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DECIDE TO INSTALL THE NEW BALANCE FIRMWARE ON YOUR WATCH, AND IT TURNS INTO A PAPERWEIGHT] The New Balance v1.20 firmware appears to have all of the functions of my Pyle firmware.The most obvious difference is just that the screen fonts are more squared off looking. I took my watch outside after updating the AGPS data, and it got a GPS fix basically instantly!!What’s on the Nissan Navigation System Update 2017?

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I'd guess in a year or two it will transfer to the commercial stuff too.By connecting your watch to GPS Master once a week and downloading new AGPS data, you can get a hot GPS fix a lot faster.I wasn’t sure if my Pyle firmware had A-GPS support built in, so I took a risk, and used Setting-Watch firmware update to update my Pyle watch to the latest New Balance firmware.Then you replace your head unit with the newest one.Looking forward to see what Samsung does with Harmann.

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