Gridview rowupdating value

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how strange, the same thing worked perfectly on a different site: the sql part works...

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Data Bind() 'Persist the table in the Session object. Close() End Using End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Edit Event Args) 'Set the edit index. Bind Data() End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Canceling Edit(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Cancel Edit Event Args) 'Reset the edit index. Edit Index = -1 'Bind data to the Grid View control. Bind Data() End Sub Hi You will have the selected row index while you perform editing or updating on grid view row. Find Control("Col1_Start Time1") as Time Selector; from above you will get the value for the selector control. I just need to get it working with the "real" one from the gridview row Sql Data Source Locations. Add("Location Name Update", Type Code.[String], "dd") Dim select Row As Grid View Row = Grid View Locations. New Values("Location ID"); ok the the update worked when I assign a mock value.. PS: location name is not an integer You don't access the table cells by name. So, basically, instead of looking for table cells, look for the appropriate e. New Values Hi mckrecker, thanks for your reply but I dont need to differ between old and new values since I set a datakey which is the unique ID in my db and I update where unique ID = @unique IDselected of column. New Values -- it will have all the values, as does e. There are two in that event so data source controls can differnitate bewteen the two.

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