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Close Friends, Family, Frenemies, Former Enemies, Dated (while Caroline was compelled), Exes, Sexual; Damon's blood is what turned her into a vampire, Caroline resented him for compelling her to date him, Damon teases her often when they do interact (which mostly annoys her), They found common ground and grew closer in friendship during Elizabeth Forbes' funeral.

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However later in Season 5 she is able to accept their love for each other and becomes much more comfortable and friendlier with Damon. After being rejected by Stefan Salvatore, a drunken Caroline Forbes noticed a handsome stranger in the Mystic Grill and they exchanged smiles at each other.

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Later they ended up having sex but Damon showed his true colors as a vampire and bit her neck as she screamed in horror.

Caroline woke the next day frightened and confused. She tried to leave but he stopped her and attacked her again when she tried to fend him off with a blood-stained pillow.

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