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In 1947, samples were also excavated in Fiji, Melanesia's easternmost extension.

Five years late Lapita pottery was excavated in Tonga in 1963, and has recently been found in Samoa as well - both in western Polynesia.

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Clearly there have been gains and similarly there had been losses.

Perhap Certainly, in my case, I would have to admit that it was my education in a missionary college - Immaculate Heart College - at Taborio, Tarawa,  Republic of Kiribati, that provided the basis for m Almost lost in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean are the tiny islands, the remarkable people and the ancient architecture of Micronesia.

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They are normally happy, highly intelligent, kind, generous and loving people who have inherited a culture that is ancient, complex, diverse, very functional an The first European to see the Pacific was Balboa who was later executed by his political enemies.

Using Fiji as a staging area, some eventually sailed on to uninhabited Tonga and Samoa.

To have d Beginning in 1909 in New Britain, archaeologists have found a type of pre-historic decorated pottery at various Melanesian sites.

In 1517, a Portuguese nobleman named Magellan (Magalhaes) proposed a route to the Pacific by way of America The leaders of the early expeditions kept logs in which they recorded their impressions of those things they had seen in Oceania.

These accounts are interesting in terms of the descriptions of what they actually What the future holds may be unclear particularly when the ocean may claim many of our islands and many of our people are still under the control of others.

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