Forty plus dating group

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And the best part of it all is that once you post your profile, you can go about your day; when you come home, you may have numerous messages from people who stumbled across your profile and liked what you had to say.

"Singles over 40 – Auckland (SOF)” is a friendship / dating group for SINGLE people living in Auckland aged 40 plus.

NO SHOWs are monitored,and those members who repeatedly NO SHOW to events may be removed from the group.

This group takes a great deal of my time and effort to run - please have the courtesy of letting me know if you can no longer make it to an event.

Also, because this group is for singles, the members and attendees will no doubt change regularly as they meet new people and their "single status" changes. If you feel you are being harassed by another member, contact me immediately for a warning to be issued.

Members will receive one warning before being asked to leave the group.

This is not so we can assess your beauty, because true beauty comes from within.

This is so we have some chance of recognising you at meetups (especially when using the APP), to help us to remember your name, and as a sign of your good faith and sincerity.

managed to gain popularity and become one of the most appreciated dating sites in the world.And because we encourage that there are no personal details, like your phone number, address, or place of employment be posted on your profile, the chances of you being in danger is very slim. If you go out with the intention of meeting people, you may only meet 10 to 20 people, tops.Even then, there is no guarantee that you will hit it off with any of those people.Let’s not forget to mention that it takes time to get ready to go out and you will have to spend money while you are out too.By creating a profile on any of the people, you are exposed to hundreds to thousands of people within seconds.

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