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Sweden officially declared Wallenberg dead in 2016.

An FSB representative on Monday asked the court to reject the latest demands in part because it said the archives include details about the "personal life" of other Lubyanka inmates.

A Russian court has begun hearing a lawsuit from the family of Swedish Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg, who are suing Russian security services in an effort to clarify the circumstances of his death.

Wallenberg used his diplomatic powers to help thousands of Jews flee Nazi-controlled Hungary during World War Two.

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But after the Soviets entered Budapest just before the end of the war, he was jailed in the notorious headquarters of the secret police in Moscow, where he died.

Wallenberg's niece Marie Dupuy in July launched a legal case against the FSB – the successor of the Soviet-era KGB – to force it to drop its refusal to release the full archive on the diplomat.

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