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The start of a new year puts people into reflective phases where they tend to examine what is and is not working in their lives.

Those self-examinations sometimes result in realizations they’re not at all happy in their current love relationships.

January, therefore, racks up not only all the unpairings that normally would have accrued to it, but also many of those of through December.

month because more couples split up during that month than at any other time of the year.Online chat rooms can provide you with an endless array of opportunities to find your soul mate efficiently and effectively.And one of the ways it allows you to do that is through a personalized and emotional dating profile.Beyond just wrecking a particular Christmas, few want to risk linking the decorating of festive cookies with Mom and Dad announcing they were getting a divorce, or tying the joy of present opening on Christmas morning with a memory of the last big fight before one of the parents moved out.There also lurks in many of us the enduring belief in a Christmas miracle, that special moment when two people who’ve been having problems getting along suddenly realize how very much they mean to one another and resolve to make things better between them.

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