Dating while single and pregnant

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I raised her till she was 4 single and we had the best time together.

I'm 14 weeks and single- bf and I had broken up before I knew I was pregnant and, although he says he wants to be involved, he has absolutely no interest in getting back together, lives very far away and isn't thinking about moving to be closer to me and the baby.

To choose not to be a part of that process is so ignorant and shameful.

I'm so proud of you ladies for having the courage to follow through with an unexpected/ unwanted pregnancy.

My mother was a single mom and she did a good job without my father's help. The father and I were never in a relatioship, we really didn't know each other at all.

I met my dad 22 years later and I thank God that he was never around me because my life would be different.. When I told him I was expecting and he was the father he was excited because he thought he couldn't have children; I on the other hand had no intention of having children and had to warm up to the idea.

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