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The person who abuses the child can be: Abuse may take place in a child's home, or it may happen in other places, like other people's homes, schools, community centres or places of worship.

There are federal, provincial and territorial laws to protect children from abuse in the home.

For example, they try to control things such as: This type of abuse almost always gets worse over time.

It often leads to serious physical violence and can cause you to have lasting health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In other cases, both partners may abuse each other.

Conflict happens in every relationship, but there are healthy ways to solve problems.

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Family violence includes many different forms of physical and emotional abuse, as well as neglect carried out by family members or intimate partners.In addition, children under 18 cannot legally give their consent to sexual activity that exploits them.Sexual activities that exploit a child include prostitution and pornography.Some types of abuse are crimes and are listed in the , provincial and territorial child protection laws could be used to stop the abuse.Child sexual abuse happens when a person takes advantage of a child for sexual purposes.

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