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I have noticed that many Japanese men really struggle to meet and date women from their own country.

This is not unlike American men who struggle to meet women here in the United States.

There is one thing both my wife and I have seen over the past several years and that is more and more mixed couples both here in Hawaii and in Japan.

My friends question has been the topic of conversation between my wife and I, along with her Japanese friends, for quite some time.

So there are a few milestones you need to go over.1st would be try as much as you could to understand Japanese culture and its values, you need this to understand how she will think and comprehend to your saying or how she could understanding you.2nd would be explain clearly how and what you think with respect for her to understand who you are.

Don’t assume she would understand just because she likes you, a foreign culture is not something that will automatically kick in.

It is easy to answer the question of why American men seem to prefer Japanese women!____________________________ Of course before you start to feel bad for the salary man husband …!When these guys are out drinking with their coworkers they are often at hostess bars or nightclubs where they are often meeting other women, thus resulting in extra marital relationships.That answer is fairly straight forward in that Japanese women tend to be thin and very attractive when compared to most American women.____________________ If you are truly looking to become a more successful and confident person then you must take a look at these three reports bundled into one book that will quickly propel you in a new positive direction.

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