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yourself), you’ll surely find yourself without a king – maybe sooner than you think. Unless you’re a manipulative sociopath (fingers crossed you’re not), playing games is not your natural reaction or instinct about everything related to the opposite sex.

When you do this, you’re ignoring your intuition for the sake of some rule you think you’re supposed to follow about how long it should be before you text a guy back or whatever the case may be.

In the 1970s game, a "picnic" date replaces the "bowling" date.

If the player's outfit does not match the date behind the door, the door is closed and play continues.

Make no mistake — this is a personality and mental disorder and a mental health care professional can help them, but only if they want the help.

Unless you are a trained therapist and they have sought you directly for the purpose of assisting them with this mental disorder.

The date to be avoided is the poorly dressed "dud".

If the only energy you’re putting out into the universe with your relationships is disingenuous and interested in manipulation, guess what you’re going to get back? Unless you have a weird mental fetish for game playing, you’re only setting yourself up for disaster and heartbreak. If you start playing games in the beginning, what sort of precedent are you setting for your relationship if it progresses? And do you really want to be with a guy who plays games, too? If you’re playing games with and attracting guys you’re giving them the chance to get to know the you in the game.The date is revealed by spinning the door handle and opening the plastic door on the game board.The five possible dates are the "formal dance" date, the "bowling" date, the "beach" date, the "skiing" date, and the "dud".If you’re biggest concern is always having the upper hand, you most likely aren’t in the headspace or at a maturity level to be in a real relationship.Relationships thrive on vulnerability and being able to let your guard down.

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