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Let’s start with the books we read before we were married.Travis and I read two books together before we got engaged and both opened up great discussion between us.I loved reading this book and taking in so much knowledge about men, women, and our wacky relationships.This book explains why it can be so hard to communicate as a couple and how to make that communication better.I read this book and then shared different parts with Travis. Many of you have probably heard of this book as it is pretty popular.It talks about five different love languages that we all have — some stronger than others — for how we give and receive love best.We had already answered most of the questions thanks to this book so there were no surprises.I highly recommend reading this book before putting a ring on it!

I think we are definitely still in the newlywed stage.

I believe it’s important to work on your relationship from the very beginning to prevent future problems. Today, I’m sharing with you some great books to help you grow as a couple — whether dating or married.

It’s never too early to start strengthening your relationship!

And if for some reason you get behind (which we did!

), it is really easy to get caught back up because each passage is really short. This book has great insights and includes a Bible verse to go with each day. I will probably use it as a wedding gift for some people I know.

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