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You may even turn to Sherlock Holmes himself for a bit of advice.

Once you’ve read through the initial facts of the case as presented to Holmes and Watson at 221B Baker Street, your investigation begins!

Follow your leads, exercise your logic, and solve ten of the most difficult cases to ever enter 221B Baker Street.

Parents need to know that this is a teen detective game suitable for tweens and up.

Perhaps you wish to go to Simpson’s Restaurant to check a suspect’s alibi—simply look up the address in the Directory.

Can you oppose the crimes orchestrated behind the scenes by Professor Moriarty?

" /Kids can learn about what it's like to be a detective and the importance of seeing justice done in this quick-moving collection of virtual investigations designed for slightly older girls.

They'll use their memories to put together the pieces of mysterious puzzles in an effort to see innocents exonerated and the true facts of each case brought to light.

Yet Scotland Yard and the people of London are not helpless in this master criminal’s clutches.

The people have their champion, the world’s only consulting detective: Sherlock Holmes.

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