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Deb Owens is a Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA and Montgomery County based Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor who is also a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor.Deb has designed and lead the family component at several quality alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs including Rehab After Work and Caron in Philadelphia.Children from alcoholic families tend to take on roles in order to survive in alcoholic families; roles such as caretaker, victim, clown, perfectionist, avoider, and many other roles.As these children progress from childhood to adulthood, they carry these roles into new relationships and many times even into marriage.Claudia Black, a leading expert on adult children of alcoholics and author of , says these children grow up with three dangerous rules: don't trust, don't feel, and don't talk.Since alcoholic parents are so self-absorbed, they forget birthdays and other important events, leaving their children with the sense that they can have faith in no one.It is crucial to seek help and educate yourself about your own roles and functions within your family. We offer day and evening appointments at your convenience. The insight you can find is incredible and it can change your entire life and how you relate with others.

The secret becomes a governing principle required to hold the family together, the scaffolding for coping strategies and shared beliefs, without which the family might fall apart.There is nothing like being a member of an alcoholic family to make someone feel like they are going out of their mind.Alcoholism in families is not just one person’s problem, it is the whole family’s problem. Not different as in I had some amazing athletic ability or that I was blessed with a brand of intelligence that made me a shoo-in for Harvard but different in that I came from an alcoholic family that most people I knew couldn't relate to.I remember once at a sleep over, in middle school, where I decided to open up to a select group of friends about my brothers’ heavy drug use.

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