Dating a dental student advice

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According to the investigators' report, "He asked if she was okay.

Jane responded, 'yeah.' [He] said he asked, 'Are you sure?

"I'd heard about it, but I had this kind of 'it won't affect me' mentality," he says, sitting in the shaded area outside a Starbucks in a sunny part of California last November.

"College has this built-up reputation as being the best years of your life.

it was not like he was grabbing her and pulling her onto the bed.' " Eventually, according to Jane's other friend in the room, "John and Jane laid down together on John's bed, with Jane on top of John … JANE: They're still with me o JOHN: Make them leave. Jane would say that she doesn't remember much either, except for when she told John she'd just thrown up and needed a piece of gum; and when she asked him again if he had a condom; and when she performed oral sex on him; and when John told her that his roommate had just walked in on them having sex.

(His roommate would later tell investigators that, based on what he was told to look out for during the sexual-assault-prevention training he received during orientation, what he saw when he walked in the room didn't look like sexual assault.) Later, when John went down the hall to use the restroom, a neighbor from down the hall knocked on John's door to check on Jane.

The other freshman, Jane, one month shy of her eighteenth birthday and a mere five feet two inches tall, was rebounding from the previous night's hangover by shooting vodka and sipping screwdrivers at a small gathering in a friend's room.

John and Jane would both wake up the next day extremely hungover and uncertain about what had happened.

Later in the day, Jane would learn she was no longer a virgin.

' Jane replied, 'Yeah, I'm fine.' [He] said he asked Jane Doe a third time if she was okay, and she answered that she was." While the neighbor would also say that Jane answered "kind of unconvincingly" and she sounded "kind of sad," he said he "took her word for it." (Jane told investigators that she also remembers this exchange.) John returned from the rest room, and thirty minutes later Jane left his room.

John would later learn that he finished the night by talking to a female friend for a few minutes—about what he does not recall—and going to sleep.

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